Octopus Music was established in 2022 by Dom Piper, a musician in his own right, and long standing supporter of independent music from across the globe.

Recognising many of the distribution challenges faced by up and coming artists, Dom created 'The Octopus' as a vehicle to assist artists with the publicity of their work outside the realms of mainstream promotion.

Octopus Music is run exclusively by artists for the benefit of artists and has developed into a community that actively shine a light on each other's work as well as that of other musicians.

We work with both new and established artists to create jointly curated playlists providing the discerning listener with new music, whilst also enabling our artists to access an expanding universe of music enthusiasts from around the the world.

We consider submissions across all genres and generations of music, but excercise a laser focus on quality.

Octopus Music is free of any fees and does not charge artists for playlist inclusion. The 'pay to play' culture of the music industry is incredibly damaging to emerging artists, and the Octopus will do its bit to push against that tide.

If you want to support us in our mission and discover some great new artists along the way, please do so by listening and following the Octopus playlists on Spotify and following us across your socials of choice.

If you like what you hear, please let us know. If you have artists you feel we should be paying attention to then drop us a line, and if you have any feedback or ideas around how we can improve and further develop then we are all ears!

If you want to discover new artists before they break, then Octopus Music is your new home.