Example Playlists

Octopus Music hosts around 50 playlists across multiple moods and genre. Please check out the Octopus Music profile on Spotify for a complete list, but here's a few sample playlists for ease of reference:

The Signal

Curated in partnership with LA based Maya Love Coppola. The Signal showcases both new and established artists we feel are on the up, and  should be on your radar. Tracks are typically refreshed every 30 days before finding their way onto more genre specific playlists. If you want to hear what we feel is currently in vogue then this is the playlist for you.

Dust and Bones

Curated in partnership with Portland based Ruby Friedman. Dust and Bones is a dark americana style playlist featuring both established and emerging artists that we simply love!

The Garden

The Garden showcases new releases from independent artists across the globe. New additions are added to the top of the playlist which is refreshed regularly. This should be your playlist of choice for listening to great new music on the day it's released.

Indie Rain

Curated in partnership with the UK based band Luna Carina. Indie Rain is a mixed mood playlist that looks to showcase up and coming independent arstists from across the globe.

Stone the Crows

Stone the Crows is curated in partnership with Irish rock band 'The Answer'. This is a fast paced Blues Rock playlist which is periodically shaped to reflect what's currently piquing our interest across this genre.


Stingers is formed of indie rock tracks with a sting in their tail. The playlist is frequently updated with our favourite tracks remaining on the list. The strongest stay on.... 'let battle commence'.