Become a friend of the Octopus

Who doesn't like friends? Simply follow the Octopus across your socials and engage with posts and stories. This will keep you up to date on all things Octopus, as well as increase your chance of playlist placement.

Octopus Collective Membership

Strictly by invitation; the Octopus Collective is a growing global community of like minded individuals who look to promote each others work via social media, playlist curation and community driven advice and support. Our objective is to shine a light on each others work to influence new organic listeners and followers of our music.

If you have recieved an invitation to join us, please take a momement to review our membership requirements as well as the FAQs outlined below. We understand that every artist has unique goals and objectives and we constantly look to adapt in order to maximise the value we can bring to each other. If you share our vision and believe in the power of collaborative support, simply use the contact form below to let us know, making sure to indicate the type of membership you would like to pursue. We will walk you through the details and welcome you with open arms (and tentacles).

Membership Types

The Social Octopus:

Requirement: Our Social Octopus members join our discord and actively engage with fellow members. They listen to each others music via the Octopus Playlists, follow each other across socials and provide advice and support in line with their own areas of experience and expertise.

Benefits: You will be invited to become a collaborator of the 'Octopus Collective' playlist where you will be able to add a track of your choice. Your music will be automatically screened for new releases which will be added to our release radar 'The Garden' and, you will qualify for adhoc inclusion across other playlists.

The Active Octopus:

Requirement: Our Active Octopus members comprise of fully committed individuals willing to go the extra mile to influence the future success of our community. In addition to the 'Social Octopus' requirements, active members will look to positively influence the playlists they are added to via active streaming and publicity across their socials.

Benefits: All the benefits listed above, with the added advantage of having tracks automatically screened for playlist inclusion and rotation. You select the number of playlists you feel you are able to support and the Octopus will take care of the rest without a need for submissions.

Note: Discord is the fastest growing online platform for shared interest communities. It's a closed group allowing members to talk freely with each other 1:1 or in groups with support for all links and file types. It's a powerful community tool but if, like many of us, you are not fully familiar with the platform fear not. Simply let us know when you complete the contact form and we will endeavour to walk you through the basics.


1. What is the purpose of Octopus Music?

Octopus Music servies as a beacon in a vast sea of music, helping listeners discover exceptional new emerging artists. By joining our collective, you become part of a community that shines a light on one another, shares insights, and collectively promotes each others work. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving musical landscape and assist each other with our goals and aspirations..

2). Playlist Inclusion

Our collective endeavours involve the creation of top-quality genre and mood specific playlists that feature emerging and established artists. We actively promote these playlists and support each other's work via social shares and various other adhoc initiatives.

3). Do I need to stream the playlists?

No. The two membership tiers we have establishd allows for optionality. Listening to the playlists is not mandatory but it does play a vital role in supporting one another as well as benefiting you direclty. The Spotify algorithm takes note of this engagement which leads to your music appearing on the Spotify 'artist radios' of fellow Octopus musicians while also influencing your 'Fans also like' data. Through careful curation, better links are established between your music and that of other relavant artists increasing your exposure to new listeners across the globe.

4). Are playlists restricted to members of our collective?

Absolutely not. As curators we will include established artists across the playlists as well as other up and coming talent that catches our eye. The playlists will however maintain a constant bias toward our collective members.

5). How can I see who the other collective members are?

All Octopus Collective Members contribute a single track of their choice to 'The Collective Octopus' playlist through a collaboration link which will be provided when you join. You will be joining the ranks of some great signed and unsigned artists. The playlist is public and can be viewed on the Spotify Octopus Music Profile:


9) I want to join, what do I do next?

Membership to the Octopus Collective is by invitation only. If you have received an invitation to join, and feel aligned with the requirements outlined above, simply use the contact form to the right to let us know.

It would be great if you could also add details of where you are based, and whether there are any services you offer to other musicians; production, session work,  tuition etc...

We will get back to you with all the information you need to get up and running and will be on hand to walk you through the process. 

6). What platform is the collective run from?

While we embrace all forms of social media, the day to day running of the collective including discussions, pre-saves, notifications of new releases, thoughts and insights, takes place on the 'discord'. Discord offers a structured community environment that surpasses the limitations of simple social media chats. New joiners are provided with an invitation to our discord server, where we will assist you in navigating and familiarising yourself with the platform. Although discord might be new to some, it is intuitive and rich in functionality once you become acquainted with the basics.

7). What can I expect to achieve?

You will instantly pick up a bunch of new followers on socials. You will see a pickup in stream rates and monthly followers across Spotify and Apple Music. You will make new connections across the industry. You will have access to advice from fellow artists many of whome are also producers, sound engineers and session artists. Some of our members have played stadiums, and some might have played in the pub around the corner to you. We simply embrace quality and collaboration.

8).What else is in store?

Driven by our own collective thoughts and ideas, we are a global community that will continuously look for new ways to promote and support each other. We are rolling out more static 'premium playlists' in partnership with established artists.  We are looking at the benefits of creating compilation albums and, where practical, we will look to attend each others gigs and social meet ups. We have some initiatives planned to influence further stimulation of the Spotify algorithms and have members who have linked up through the Octopus to collaborate on new musical projects. As a community, we aspire to benefit one another through diverse initiatives, and we welcome all ideas and contributions.